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Buckey Federal Credit Union

Buckeye Community Federal Credit Union

Fee Schedule

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, apply to your account.

Replace ATM/Debit Card


Replace ATM/Debit PIN


ATM/Debit Card Temp Limit Increase$35.00

Foreign ATM Fee


"ATM Only" Card Fees
    New Card Fee$5.00
    Annual Fee  $10.00

Incorrect address fee


Draft printing (fee depends on type of draft ordered)

Certified Check


Money Order


Coin Rolled


Deposit Correction


Deposited checks(and other items) returned unpaid:

   Drawn on own account


   Drawn on other account


Automatic transfer of funds from savings account to share draft account (for overdraft) (Fee is applied to share draft account)


Telephone Transfer Request$2.00

Overdraft(all items paid on a day)


Nonsufficient funds item (each)(NSF)


Nonsufficient funds ATM withdrawal


Nonsufficient funds preauthorized w/d


Courtesy Cover (per item)


Negative Balance Collection Fee


Foreign Draft/Collection Fee  $20.00

Account activity printout per page


Acct research/balancing assistance per hour


Stop payments (all items)


   To place stop payment


   Per presentment


Wire Transfer








Copy of draft




Dormant Account Fee (monthly)


New Member Fee


Reopen Membership Fee


Close account within 6 months


IRA Account (open) Fee


Coin Sorter Fee


Less than $200.00


$201.00 - $2000.00


More than $2000.00


Safe Deposit Box Drillingmin. $150.00
Safe Deposit Box Lost Key   $10.00

IRS Levy fee


Cashing Check for Member Causing BCFCU Loss
5% of check

$10.00 min.

Rev. 2016 April 

Perry Florida
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